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Education subject

Scheduled Education Subjects

Details will be updated from time to time.

national language

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inquiry learning


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arts and crafts

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Proposed timetable for the week

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Theme learning (inquiry-based learning)

portable pencil

know yourself

I am the one and only
Inquire into who you are, your family, your personality, strengths and weaknesses, and your dreams for the future.

colorful christmas tree

enjoy the story

Imagination knows no bounds
We will learn while touching various stories such as familiar stories and works from around the world.

flower branch

familiar nature

We are naturally alive.
Explore the nature around us.

puppet show

learn about play

play enriches life
"Playing is not a bad thing at all, there are various types of play, and having fun playing is essential for a rich life.

Wuling Taoyuan

Get to know the region

Iitokodappe! Isumi
The place called Isumi City has various charms, and it means that we live with the support of various people.

blue fish

think about living things

we coexist with living things
Other creatures have lives as well as humans, and they live together on the same earth.

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