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our philosophy

Cultivate the ability to create a happy future for yourself

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Create an environment in which children feel safe and happy at all times and feel that the dignity of their individuality and individuality is valued.

Children feel secure when they feel that they are valued and recognized, and by finding their own place, they learn to accept others and acquire social skills.
A healthy mind is the most basic thing that encourages children to learn spontaneously.

Have a curiosity to “want to know”, inquire, and acquire the ability to take on challenges on your own or in collaboration with colleagues without giving up over and over again.

We encourage children to develop what they love and what they are good at.
In order to foster the spirit of taking on challenges even when faced with challenges that are "difficult" or "may not be possible" in an age of rapid change that will continue into the future, We will create a learning environment.

Inquiry-based learning, in which children learn based on their own interests, cultivates not only knowledge but also thinking and problem-solving abilities. Through this learning, children will discover new knowledge and skills on their own and deepen their understanding.



  • Respect children's opinions and aim for self-government. Children have the opportunity to discuss, solve, and decide for themselves when school rules or problems arise.

  • We value individualized learning that progresses at your own pace.

  • Staff are leaders in children's activities and learning, not teachers who children have to listen to.

  • Our staff are adults who can express their opinions equally to children, and supporters when they are in trouble.

  • Instead of having teachers “teach” as in the past, we encourage children to think for themselves, give them opportunities to express their opinions, and conduct interactive classes in which they share their opinions.

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