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request for donation

At SOTOBO Community School, we continue to strive to provide education that aims to help children, who will lead the next generation, develop their innate individuality and nurture rich education and human power.
For the sake of our children, in order to maintain and enhance the quality of education, and to continue our activities to expand educational options, we cannot afford to have any subsidies from the national or local governments. The current situation is that there are some problems that cannot be managed with just thoughts.We believe that investing in education is the most beneficial way to build a happy and prosperous society in the future.

Your donations will help support our important initiatives, including: 

◆Improvement of staff training, labor costs, and educational environment: We will provide better education by providing training to enhance the expertise of staff and improving the classroom environment.
◆Enhancement of teaching materials and learning resources: We will provide the latest textbooks and learning tools to improve the learning environment for children.
◆ Expansion of educational programs: We will develop programs that enable students to acquire rich knowledge and practical skills, and expand the possibilities of children.
◆Equipment cost management: We provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for children.

With your warm support, our school will be able to enrich the opportunities for children to receive a better education. We believe that your donation will support the future of our students and lead to the development of the entire region.
We sincerely appreciate your support.I would like to humbly thank you.



Financial institution name:Sumishin SBI Net Bank (financial institution code 0038)
branch:First corporate branch (branch code 106)
Account: Pu through 2037793

Name:Kanji: General Incorporated Association Umikaze

Kana: Shiya) Umikaze

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