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Representative message

When I was a child, I wasn't a "successful child" who could get high scores on tests, but whenever I had free time, I read the books my parents lined up on the bookshelf at home and said, "I want to know more about things I don't know." "I was a curious child.


The curiosity that grew along with me drove me to the United States after graduating from university, giving me the challenge of working for a few years at a local company where there were no Japanese, and the opportunity to reconsider my home country from a step away. Ta.


After returning to Japan, I worked at a company in India and in Europe and the United States. When I saw Japanese working people exhausted from working overtime, business trips, and barren meetings, I realized that I was one of them. I started to think that the root cause might be a problem with the "education" that I had received since I was a child.

The lack of interest in Japan's society, politics, economy, and international current affairs is not caused by the culture or society itself, but is primarily caused by Japan's "education" that discourages interest. I came to think that

Japan has a lot of world-class culture, history, art, and the latest technology, and although it is materially rich, suicide is the number one cause of death among young people among developed countries. The number of students attending school continues to increase year by year.


I believe that the reason why the number of unhappy children is increasing is the "tired" adults and the educational system, which suppresses the brilliance of their original individuality by tying them up with one-sided "rules" and "evaluations." It is.

With the current standardized public education, what kind of society will they become when they grow up, and what kind of society will they build?


After becoming a mother, I became even more strongly convinced that we should not leave the children who will play a role in the future of Japanese society, who have limitless possibilities and a bright future, as they are. I wanted to create a school for


The original state of children is to play freely with their friends every day, enjoy themselves to the fullest, find interesting things in it, while being watched over by adults and society. I think that it is something that you can take a peek at, jump into it with all your might, and sail the ocean of the future and go on adventures in the world with your own will and excitement.

From now on, society will become even more diversified than it is now, and we will have a future of rapid change. Even if you face it, I hope that you will hold your head high, find happiness with your own strength, and live powerfully.


In order to nurture children who will remain healthy and happy throughout their lives and have the power to create their own future, happy adults and a healthy society that support them are essential.
In order to create such adults and society, I believe that "education" is the foundation that allows children to shine their individuality, learn on their own and enjoy themselves to their heart's content, and recognize that they are members of the future. I'm here.


Children raised in such an environment grow up, become parents, and the cycle of happiness that is passed on to their children continues for decades, hundreds, and even thousands of years, cultivating a rich culture. I believe that it will become a society where people can be happy.

Representative Sumi Raven

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